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The lawyers of Best, Vanderlaan & Harrington have extensive experience defending catastrophic accidents in the transportation and freight industry, including tractor-trailers, heavy equipment and buses, as well as other types of vehicles and modes of transportation. These types of claims often involve severe injuries and wrongful death claims.

In order to effectively defend such claims, an extensive investigation of the scene and vehicles involved must be undertaken. It is paramount to obtain and preserve all of the relevant evidence concerning the incident. This includes obtaining protective orders to preserve the vehicles and evidence from the scene and obtaining all of the relevant reports from the investigative agencies. It is also important to hire a qualified accident reconstructionist upon notice of a claim to properly evaluate and document the evidence.

Our attorneys work together with accident reconstructionists to effectively defend such cases. We have handled a variety of litigation matters, including claims involving multiple fatalities arising from vehicular traffic accidents. Additionally, we are well versed in claims arising out of improperly loaded cargo, operator error, engine and equipment failure issues and violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. Our attorneys have defended independent businesses, as well as acted as litigation counsel for several of our insurance carrier clients.