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Auto negligence claims can be as simple as a rear-end accident, or as complicated as a trucking accident involving extensive injuries or death and requiring accident reconstruction to properly defend the case. In either event, an auto negligence case requires a quick and thorough analysis to determine the potential liability and damage issues and to assess whether early settlement or an aggressive defense posture is the most reasonable approach. A new burgeoning area of auto negligence law is the advent of Event Data Records (EDRs), which act like a "black box" in an airplane and record relevant and possibly highly significant data at the time of an accident such as speed, direction, deceleration and braking.

It is important to retain attorneys who are familiar with the various strategies to defend auto negligence cases, including immediate consultation with an accident reconstruction expert and possibly seeking a Protective Order with respect to the vehicles involved. It is also critical to retain attorneys who are knowledgeable as to the Motor Vehicle Code and any applicable municipal codes. Proper handling of the case begins during the very early investigative stages of the case, whether it is conducting the necessary legal research, contacting experts in the field or getting statements from witnesses to the event.

Best, Vanderlaan & Harrington has attorneys who have had great success defending auto negligence cases, either resulting in quick and favorable settlements or favorable defense verdicts. We have a stable of experts who are knowledgeable in the field of automotive mechanics, accident reconstruction and EDR analysis with whom we can quickly consult on any issue that may arise in an auto negligence case.