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Consumer Complaints

Consumer fraud lawsuits can involve any type of consumer transaction wherein the consumer alleges some type of fraud or inappropriate conduct by the business or its employees. Consumer protection laws are designed to punish businesses for false or fraudulent advertising, marketing and selling of consumer products. Businesses will often be sued under the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act for common law fraud for failing to disclose defects or damage to a product sold to a consumer. In addition, there are a number of Federal statutes which give rise to similar lawsuits such as the Federal Odometer Act, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Truth in Lending Act. There is also a potential for the allowance of attorneys' fees to prevailing plaintiffs in a consumer fraud lawsuit.

Defending these claims requires attorneys who have an intricate knowledge of the various laws as well as appreciation for the necessity of cost-effective litigation since coverage is generally limited for consumer fraud, warranty, odometer and other such claims.

BVH lawyers have extensive experience defending a variety of businesses from consumer fraud claims and are equipped to handle all such cases. BVH has built a record of success in this area. BVH works closely with our clients to develop a game plan that will limit liability and costs associated with defending these claims.