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Medical Malpractice

Health care professionals, nursing home attendants, pharmacists, medical facilities, clinics, representatives of medical facilities and other medical representatives are subjected to substantial risks when medical, nursing and administrative malpractice claims are filed. Liability can arise for a variety of reasons, including failure to obtain informed consent, failure to diagnose, failure to perform tests, birth injury, medication errors, surgical/doctor/nursing errors, falls in hospitals, medical device failures and allergic reactions.

To successfully defend such a claim requires attorneys who are cognizant of the elements necessary to establish a violation of the standard of care in the health care industry and who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in this area of the law. Such claims require a thorough review of medical records, an analysis of all pertinent medical research and well-qualified consultants and experts.

BVH has defended doctors, hospitals and other health care providers in a variety of complex medical, nursing and administrative malpractice claims. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of the specialized rules, regulations and case law applicable to medical entities. BVH works closely with a network of expert witnesses in order to attain the best possible results for our clients. We are meticulous in our preparation and defense of these claims while accomplishing our clients' goals in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible, including motion practice, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, pretrial conferences), settlement and trial. Additionally, BVH represents hospitals and other medical organizations in matters related to health care law, including HIPAA compliance, representation of health care professionals before licensing boards or at hearings as well as the preparation and/or interpretation of employee handbooks, policies and procedures.