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Employment Law & Litigation

Employment litigation is on the rise in the United States. Various state and federal laws regulate the employer-employee relationship, including the prohibition in the workplace against discrimination and harassment, the guarantee of equal wages between the sexes, and leaves of absence for employees who have a significant health issue or need to take care of a family member with serious health conditions. Fee-shifting provisions, which require the employer to compensate the successful employee litigant, make the pursuit of said claims more alluring, and management of the defense and litigation costs much more complicated.

As such, the key is prevention first, and then well-documented employee files to defend the claim where necessary. This requires that every organization have firmly established policies prohibiting discrimination in the workplace, and well-trained management equipped to handle the everyday disciplinary challenges and issues that arise under these policies. In the event that an employee's claim reaches the litigation stage, it is essential to have attorneys who are experts in the field of employment law, and can guide you through the intricacies of the exposures and defenses to employment claims. Developing an early defense plan is crucial to ensure early evaluation and resolution if possible and, where necessary, to guide the case through discovery aimed at developing the necessary evidence to support summary judgment or eventually trial.

BVH lawyers have been representing clients in employment-related disputes for over 20 years. BVH attorneys, with expertise in employment law, work with our clients to draft personnel policies, train management and counsel organizations through making and documenting significant employment decisions in compliance with applicable law. In those situations where the employment relationship results in litigation, BVH defends its clients in a wide range of employment disputes including employment discrimination, harassment, fair wages, non-compete agreements and breach of contract actions. For public employers, constitutional rights and obligations are triggered by the employment relationship. BVH attorneys work with public employers to ensure constitutional rights are not infringed, while at the same time providing expert representation where the public employee claims otherwise. BVH lawyers are skilled litigators and trial lawyers, with experience at the trial and appellate court level.

BVH is the firm you want working with you to prevent employment litigation, and the firm to vigorously defend your organization when an employee has taken his or her workplace dispute to the courtroom.