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Jury Verdict - Consumer Fraud and Warranty
Alison M. Harrington and Fritz V. Wilson

December 2012
Alison Harrington and Fritz Wilson obtained a not guilty verdict on behalf Defendant car dealership after a jury trial.  Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant car dealership sold them a vehicle after misrepresenting the mileage and warranty terms.  Plaintiff repeatedly demanded over $200,000 for most of the case, and refused to negotiate. Through discovery, Alison and Fritz were able to develop evidence demonstrating that the vehicle had been used by Plaintiffs extensively, notwithstanding their complaints about the mileage. Alison and Fritz succeeded in having Plaintiff's breach of warranty and rescission claims resolved at summary judgment in favor of Defendant car dealership.  At trial, Alison and Fritz succeeded in prevailing on another claim for Common Law Fraud after the close of the Plaintiff's case in chief by winning on a Motion for Directed Verdict.  At the end of the case the jury deliberated for 45 minutes and ultimately found in favor of the firm's client on the remaining claims.