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Dismissal without Discovery or Motion Practice - Dram Shop
Lori A. Vanderlaan and Kimberlee Massin

November 2015
Lori Vanderlaan and Kimberlee Massin obtained a dismissal of a liquor manufacturer from a dram shop cause of action arising out of an altercation between two bar patrons which resulted in one patron’s death, who was alleged to have produced, promoted, sold, supplied and distributed intoxicating liquors to the alleged intoxicated person, including but not limited to, through distribution of free samples and promotional materials at a bar.  By securing a stipulation from the bar admitting the bar sold any alcohol that is proven to have been consumed by the AIP, Lori and Kimberlee persuaded Plaintiff’s attorney to dismiss their client from the case prior to incurring the expense of a responsive pleading and discovery.