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Defense Verdict and Counterclaim Win – Auto Accident
Tom Costello and Wade Shimer

December 2020
Tom Costello and Wade Shimer secured a trial victory for the firm’s client in Rockford, Illinois, and applied new trial tactics required in the face of Covid-19 related changes to put on the evidence to do so.  The case involved a motor vehicle collision in which the plaintiff claimed that the firm’s client struck her vehicle during a turn, and then engaged in a conspiracy with the responding police to arrest her.  Tom and Wade moved the Court in advance of the trial to allow various witnesses to testify via Zoom, which the Court allowed, while the plaintiff failed to secure key witnesses and ultimately tried to abandon their trial after it had started.  However, Tom and Wade put on evidence in support of a Counterclaim for property damage filed on behalf of the client and secured a judgment against the plaintiff in addition to the not guilty judgment entered in favor of the firm’s client.